Replacement Bow Windows

Bow windows carve out curved new nooks

Bow windows protrude from the exterior of a home in a rounded bow shape, typically constructed using a series of casement windows lined along a curved structure. Bow windows are similar to bay windows except bow windows are a curved, semi-circular structure rather than angular, giving a classic, elegant and traditional look.

Bow windows are typically created using four or five similarly-sized windows whereas bay windows use a larger window in the center of two flanking windows. Bow windows work best in exterior walls or corners with 80 inches or more of space, making them more flexible to fit large sizes than their bay counterparts. Because they extend past the exterior walls of a home, bow windows create the illusion of a bigger room with increased natural light and visual space. The area created with a bow window gives the opportunity to create a decorative shelf or even a reading nook or window seat with the addition of cushions or pillows. These windows can be fixed or operable but most commonly constructed with fixed window panes.

  • Consist of 4 or more equal-sized panes
  • Extend beyond the exterior of a home
  • Provide panoramic views
  • Typically fixed pane, but can be operable
  • Best in areas with 80 inches of space or more
Microcellular PVC construction

Our awning window frames, brickmoulds, and sashes are insulated with billions of closed microscopic cells for superior energy efficiency. They are fusion-welded as a single unit, preventing the air from moving between the window parts.

Contemporary design

Our awning windows feature a minimalist, slim profile that goes equally well with traditional and contemporary home designs.

4-1/2” fusion-welded frame

Our windows come standard on a 4-1/2” deep frame, which is stronger and more durable than the standard 3-1/4” sold elsewhere. The deeper frames give extra dimensional stability and strength. It also allows for a lower sash profiles to maximize the glass surface.

Low-emissivity coated glass

An invisibly thin metallic coating is baked onto one or more of the glass pane surfaces, reflecting most of the heat in the form of infrared radiation back inside the home during winter and outside during summer, while letting most visible light pass through.

Argon gas filling

The air between the glass panes inside a thermal glass unit is replaced with argon. This inert, odourless gas is heavier than air, reducing convection between the panes and the associated heat loss through the insulated thermal glass unit. It also offsets water vapour to prevent condensation between the panes.

Ener-Edge® warm-edge spacer

Our thermal glass units use a cellular silicone warm-edge spacer with low thermal conductivity, minimizing heat transfer between the interior and the exterior. It also allows for the natural expansion and compression due to temperature changes without failing the seal between them.

Structural construction

Our multi-lite awning windows feature structurally strong, seamless one-piece frames with integrated cross-mullions. It allows for more natural light to enter the interior, and offers better protection against drafts and water infiltration.

PVC-cladded interior wood extension

Our double hung windows accomodate a very securely fit interior wood extension cladded with a thick layer of no-maintenance PVC. It allows for the easy installation of blinds or other window treatments, and results in greater window strength and durability.

Dual and triple-pane insulated glass units

Two or more layers of glass are joined to create a sealed hollow chamber that acts as a thermal buffer. This minimizes direct heat transfer through glass, and helps prevent condensation and ice build-up. It also helps soundproof the interior, in conjunction with a high-quality cellular spacer.

High-gloss finish

We use the highest grade PVC powder and fabrication techniques which result in a high gloss PVC finish. As a result, our windows are easier to clean, more durable, and won’t fade or yellow over time.

Foam-insulated post for bay / bow windows

We insulate our posts with polyurethane foam to give our bay and bow windows extra energy efficiency. Apart from insulation value, the foam also eliminates drafts and is impervious to water.

Exterior bay window angle mullion

Our angled mullion allows you to get all the benefits of a beautiful bay window and ensures you get our solid structural frame offering better protection and more natural light.

Half screen/full screen option

Choose your preference. Half screens only allow for either one of the sashes of the window to be covered, but allow more natural light to enter your home, and offer access to the exterior through the other sash. Full screens allow for more airflow and ventilation while both sashes are open. With their durable elegant aluminium finish, these screens won’t warp or break down over time like some of the competition.

Triple weatherstripping

Window sashes use three distinct continuous seals at the interface with the stationary frame and mullions. This stops drafts and the associated heat leaks through the bay window. The thermal glass unit is also sealed to the sash from both the inside and the outside.

Durable standard colours with hybrid aluminium-PVC construction

Our Classic series PVC double hung windows are also available in several exterior colours. These colours are baked onto external extruded aluminium profiles, offering a finish that’s extremely durable.

More Efficient.

We build our windows for maximum indoor comfort, year-round. Our bow windows lead national charts with the highest Energy Rating (ER) with both double and triple-pane glass – in standard configuration!


Double Pane


Triple Pane


Our window frames, sashes, mullions, and brickmoulds are solid inside, which makes then stronger than the typical hollow chambers used in PVC replacement windows. All of our windows come standard with a 4.5” deep frame, 38% more than the industry standard of 3.25”. This makes them more rigid and help seal the wall opening better.

As a result, our awning windows achieve a whopping Performance Grade of 85, levels above the nearest competitors.


Performance Grade


The extra strength of microcellular PVC allows manufacturing our awning windows with slimmer frames and sashes. This adds an extra 1.5” of glass in each dimension compared to ordinary PVC windows. Our internal mullions are only 4.5” wide, as opposed to the usual 6-7”. And our glass is clearer. As a result, you get more glass, and more natural light inside your home.

Isn’t that why you get windows in the first place?



Add an Extra Touch with Grilles

Take advantage of our customization expertise to get a personalized window solution that gives your home a unique and distinctive look. The internal grilles allow for easy cleaning, while the external grilles simulate traditional divided lites. Any of our grille configurations can be combined with any grille type to get the exact look you desire.


Grille Configurations

Find the grille configuration that makes your windows yours.


Contour Grilles add a beautiful Prairie-style look to your window, reminiscent of the style emerging in late 19th – early 20th century North American homes.

Diamond Pattern

Diamond Patterned Grilles are an ornate window grille style that reminisces the Old-World style of Tudor Revival style mansions of the past.

Partial Covering

Partial Grilles are a style coming back to modern homes, inspired by Craftsman style home aesthetic, where only a portion of the window is covered.


A timeless grille pattern commonly found in colonial homes, particularly Georgian style, as well as in those built in the 1970’s and later.


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